Getting Started
Learn more about CubeHosting and get started easily, for FREE!

Free Server Specification

Each free tier server comes with the following:
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 71% CPU usage
  • 2GB High speed SSD storage
  • Single Port
Users can get an additional 1GB RAM for free, by joining the discord server and making a ticket!
100% CPU = 1 Core


After registering your account, head over to the client login page and login with your new CubeHosting account. Press the Create Server button and name your server, followed by the type of server you want.
We support a wide range of servers, with popular ones being Minecraft Paper, Bungeecord, Forge, Code Server, and Hastebin!
Once you select your configuration, and proceed, your new server is successfully ready! You will be able to see your server in the servers list.
Last modified 11mo ago